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Computer Forensics & Expert Witness

Proven Track Record for:

- Serious Crime and Expert Witness
- Internet Abuse Investigation
- Civil Dispute Resolution
- Trademark Disputes
- Employee misuse of company equipment
- Computer misuse in the work place


Expert Investigation

Supported by the market leading forensic software, Shepherd Consulting can provide clear and objective analysis of historic computer data to provide a full evidence trail for a users activity or for the usage profile of an individual piece of technology.  Our methodology removes the ambiguity and subjectivity that can exist around computer evidence to provide plain objective evidence to facilitate accurate decisions being made by our clients and associated parties.


We have extensive experience in analysing all types of electronic devices, from computers to the latest types of mobile telephones/smartphones/PDAs, smartcards, memory cards, memory sticks and tapes.  Even if they are part of a RAID set or encrypted, we utilise the latest high tech software and techniques to acquire and analyse each item.

Some of our more obscure cases have involved micro cell analysis to track the mobile phones of several criminals working together in a local area and examining the computer system of a murder suspect.


The Power to Recover Deleted Data

Whether the information has been deleted accidentally or maliciously our software and expertise provides the ability to resurrect previously deleted data from working storage devices through to physically damaged hardware to get you closer to the real picture.


Proven Reporting Methodology

Whilst  we have a tried and tested reporting format that meets the needs of legal professionals, courts and tribunals we seek to understand the individual needs of our clients to tailor our reporting to your exact requirements.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your investigation and/or expert witness requirements further.