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Whether driven by a desire to reduce the Carbon Footprint of your organisation or to understand the potential for cost avoidance, the arguments are compelling.  Shepherd Consulting has over 20 years experience within some of the world’s largest organisations for delivering power efficiency and productivity optimisation of Data Centres.
Our investigative methodology quickly defines the areas for the greatest potential gains and the quickest return on the investment required to change.  We provide a unique holistic strategy that not only looks at the traditional areas of Data Centre power and resource efficiency but also addresses how efficiently the services are being achieved by the resources.

Our mission is to carry out a fast and efficient analysis of the existing infrastructure and deliver a phased plan that will achieve a measurable return on investment at each phase.  The plan will incorporate the implementation of tools and services that will allow the automated monitoring and management of data centre efficiency on an ongoing basis by the organisation's internal IT staff.



Our expertise covers the following areas (Also see Services Performance Optimisation and Capacity Modelling):


- Best Practice Assessment
- Bespoke Efficiency Services

Real-Time Efficiency Services

- Data Center Troubleshooting
- PUE & DCiE Benchmarking
- Data Center Productivity Assessment
- Computational Fluid Dynamics (Thermodynamics)
- Cold Aisle Containment
- Hot Aisle Containment
- Hot-Aisle/Cold Aisle Layout
- Air-Side Economizers
- Water-Side Economizers
- Lights Out Management
- Definition and selection of monitoring tools


Key Services

- Thermal Assessment
- Basic Capacity Survey
- Infrastructure Condition & Capacity Analysis
- Methodology Design
- Risk Assessment and Report
- Continuous Management Strategy