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Shepherd Consulting provides IT Optimisation and Capacity Planning consultancy to maximise the efficiency and return on investment of IT assets.  In recognition of the diversity and complexity of the modern heterogeneous IT infrastructure Shepherd Consulting has developed a strategy that will complement any existing framework or point solution that may exist within your organisation and will pragmatically define any requirements that are not being met by the existing tools.

Our mission is to provide unparalleled visibility of your IT infrastructure to allow you to accurately plan and model at a: Business, Service and Component level


Shepherd Consulting have a proven track record of providing the following business benefits:



Selection of appropriate tool and methodology for ongoing management by internal IT teams


Rapid IT problem isolation and resolution (Business, Service and Component level)


Modelling for future demands on your existing IT assets or in preparation for migration or virtualization


Accurate measurement of over capacity and risk mitigation strategy for reducing it


IT cost avoidance and budget optimisation


Facilitate delivery and measurement of Green IT strategy


IT service delivery aligned to your business’ KPI’s


Areas of Expertise


  1. Data Collection
  2. Definition and implementation of the appropriate collection methodology utilising software agents or passive collection where appropriate.


  1. Data Consolidation
  2. Most organisations will have existing tools or strategies for data collection implemented but these are often ‘disparate’ and as a result have become meaningless.  Shepherd consulting has the expertise to bring consolidate these existing data streams to provide meaningful measurement of processes and services that bridge multiple platforms.


  1. Performance Metric Lifecycle Management
  2. Definition, design and build of measurement database.


  1. Performance Data Analysis / Trend Monitoring
  2. Bespoke methodology for the analysis of the required services and forecasting of significant events


  1. Alerting
  2. Methodology and tools for the predictive and dynamic alerting of significant events to facilitate greater business agility and service continuity


  1. Modelling (at Business, Service and Component level)
  2. Accurately model the future asset, resource and budgetary requirements


  1. Reporting
  2. Automated delivery of the appropriate information to appropriate stakeholders at the appropriate time by the appropriate means (including integration in to existing framework solutions or Management Information System). Framework Integration – maximise the effectiveness of your existing framework solution to deliver Performance Monitoring and Capacity Modelling information.



Performance Monitoring and Modelling of Virtualized services.